As dog lovers, owners, and sometime globetrotters, we know firsthand the worries that kick in when you’ve got to leave your pal in a kennel. 

Will they be treated well? Will they be safe? Will they be happy? Will they get enough exercise, enough to eat, enough playtime and affection?

At Country Dog Services in Collin County (Blue Ridge), Texas -- the answer is always YES!


We’re deeply committed to making sure your dog is happy, safe, and treated with affection. We are longtime animal advocates who love and respect all animals (but, yes, we love dogs the most). 

Our accommodations were built specifically for boarding dogs and for ensuring their well-being, whether for a weekend stay or a longer-term animal rescue option on their way to the perfect forever home. 

Dogs interact with our conscientious, professionally–trained staff, and with one another, on our multi-acre property in a beautiful rural setting. 

We’re committed to safeguarding dogs and supporting dog people. 

We see ourselves as community organizers for our four-legged friends and their human allies. That’s why we offer a robust panel of services, programs, and activities to keep us all connected.


In addition to short-and longer-term boarding for individuals and rescue groups…

We offer doggy daycare, obedience training, and meeting space for dog-related workshops, seminars, fundraisers and events. At our retail shop, we stock stellar food brands Stella & Chewy's and Fromm Family Foods. We also sell a variety of healthy bones, treats and dog accesories. We stay abreast of all the latest research and findings available about caring for dogs. (We’re serious about this dog thing!)


Country Dog Services is a family operation, built from the ground up by husband-and-wife team Leah and Chris Klein, along with Leah’s father, David Deniger. 

Together, we’ve turned our passion for animals -- and especially dog rescue -- into not only a business but a way of life.  

We’ve learned so much from the animals in our lives, especially our formerly feral great pyrenees/border collie, Mama Strayberry, whose strong personality (and refusal to become the indoor dog we would have loved her to be) taught us the important lesson of respecting what the animal needs and wants, rather than what we think they should want.

We know we can’t replace YOU -- but we can make dog boarding feel like a really nice vacation for your dog. 

So when you need a place to put them up for awhile, Country Dog Services is absolutely your best option. Your dog will experience a level of care, affection, and fun that can’t be found anywhere else, except at home with you.