About Country Dog Services



Chris and Leah Klein met when they were 7 & 9 years old at Geneva Glen Summer Camp in Indian Hills, Colorado.  Lifelong friends, they eventually married in 2005.  The seeds of Country Dog Services were planted 5 years ago when a beautiful, feral Great Pyrenees/Border Collie mix wondered into the Klein’s rural neighborhood.  Fearful of humans, it took six months and a routine feeding schedule (and lots of treats) before Mama would venture close enough to briefly touch.  One year and 20 puppies later, Chris and Leah were able to trap and spay Mama.  

Mama is now fulfilled as a working dog at Country Dog Services, chasing off predators and keeping coyotes away day and night.  And, although she will never be the outgoing, indoor dog that Leah originally envisioned -- she is adored.  Mama's tail wags furiously for her family, she will initiate affection at times and then quickly trots of to do what she was bred to do -- be a guardian for the family that she loves. 

Leah has been an over the top animal lover her entire life but her experience learning how best to earn Mama's trust ignited in her a true desire to work with animals full time.  

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Combining Chris’s experience in facility management and talent for building with Leah’s passion for caring for dogs, CDS was conceived and then hand built in a year in a half. Country Dog Services is a dream come true for the Kleins who feel extremely  grateful to be doing what they both love -- working with dogs. 

Chris and Leah live on site at Country Dog Services, they have two young daughters.  And, too many rescue pets! 


David B. Deniger was the founding partner of Hyphen Solutions, LLC and currently serves as Chairman of the Board.  Previously, Mr. Deniger served as one of the Partners in the buyout firm, Hicks, Muse, Tate & Furst and as the Managing General Partner of the Olympus Real Estate Funds.  He was a minority owner and Board member of the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, the Dallas Stars (National Hockey League franchise and 1999 Stanley Cup Champion) and the Texas Rangers (Major League Baseball ).  In addition, he previously served on the Board of Directors of the Naval Postgraduate School Foundation in Monterey, California.  And, for 5 years he was an adjunct professor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.  He currently serves on the Board of Baylor Scott & White Hospital Foundation

His documentary film company, formed with his wife Mara Batlin, Highest Common Denominator Media Group has produced films for National Geographic, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation through the Sundance Foundation, the Discovery Channel and his personal photographic work has featured landscapes, wildlife and documentary stills including work in China, Peru, Bolivia, India, Turkey and the U.S. 

David graduated from the University of Texas; he is a life long dog owner and advocate. David credits the love of his dogs over the years as as one of the organizing principles of his life.